Dar Paru


In the far south of Morocco Dar Paru awaits you, nestled in a large and beautiful garden at the end of a 200 km long oasis created by the river Draa. This is the end of the road - only the sand and dunes stretch as far as the eyes can see. Here is a place where the sun shines in a sky of deepest blue and gentle warm winds embrace you. You will be inspired by a silence so profound that it's almost audible.

Our accommodation includes both single and twin bedrooms and a suite in an original desert house which we have sensitively restored. We also offer an independent suite/bungalow in the garden, and a traditional Berber tent, each with its own bathroom and patio. There is a large roof terrace, a pool/reservoir where you can swim, filled with mineral-rich water from our well. The reservoir is emptied every three days to irrigate the palms and other desert trees, as well as our flower beds and extensive vegetable garden. We have a meditation room and a large outdoor meditation area as well as many beautiful private places in the garden for relaxation.
And finally - we must not forget the desert, which starts right outside the garden gate.


Here is a place where you will find peace and your inner self
in a place where you can:

  • Discover the still untouched region of the deep South
  • Visit the ancient kasbahs and ksars (old villages),
  • Go to the zaouiats and marabouts (spiritual centres/shrines)
  • Meet the friendly local inhabitants
  • Have the opportunity for long peaceful walks or outings in a land rover
  • Go for a ride into the desert on the back of a camel.
  • Enjoy deep relaxation and regeneration

If you wish you can go further, into deep meditation and work on consciousness. We offer both group and individual sessions.
You may also book to come with your own group, and have the entire place for yourselves.

Our team is here to welcome you and cook delicious light and healthy vegetarian or meat-based meals for you - we make both European and Moroccan cuisine with fresh vegetables and herbs from the garden, as well as delicious home-made whole wheat bread, crêpes and cakes.

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