Full of energy and silence
•    11th – 19th November 2017
•    10th -  18th November 2018

with Christine Haouas and Paru Greuzinger
A week of relaxation and healing with a daily walk to the great dunes, intuitive deep massages, body wisdom, dynamic and easing exercises, meditation...


3th – 31th März 2018

This retreat gives you the a possibility,
to pass one, two, three or even four weeks
in the silence of the desert,
to relax and to heal:
with a  basic program of meditation, relaxation
and walks into the desert,
and, if you are interested in more,
with seminars and offers,
to enter an intensive process of consciousness,
self knowledge and healing,
accompanied by a deep cleansing of the body and energy system.


Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water - Meditative Cooking  

Please contact us to organize your own group made-to-measure from 2 to 6 participants

Example of a group of 6 to 8 people: half will learn to cook using the 5-element method for a day while the others relax in the oasis, swim in the mineral water pool, walk or ride in the dunes and watch the spectacular desert sunset, or visit the kasbas and ksours in the vicinity. They will be served the appetizing lunch and dinner prepared by the first half of the group. The following day the groups will change over. Every morning before breakfast Paru offers an optional laughing meditation.


If you would like to explore Morocco on your own or with friends, with a rented car or a Landrover with driver, or if you want to go on a caravan into the desert (1 day, 2 days, a week or longer), on camels, please contact us to arrange it for you. Morocco is a beautiful country, there are many interesting and fascinating ways to discover it.